About us

Whether it’s the timeless tradition of shooting mallards in flooded green timber, the adrenaline pumping thrill of scaling a cliff, capturing the perfect still photo of a warbler, or netting your first wary brown trout on a fly rod, the most successful adventures begin with diligent scouting. No matter what it is you’re chasing, we all want to enjoy what nature has to offer, and we feel that as outdoorsmen and women, it is our responsibility to preserve and protect the outdoors as we know them for generations to come. At Scout Outfitters, our journey began by “scouting” for a new way to provide outdoorsmen and women with quality products that not only help break down barriers of entry into a sport, but also consider environmental sustainability in every product we make. We believe everyone regardless of experience, race, sex, sexuality, or any other background can and should be able to enjoy the outdoors. It is our goal to lead the way in changing a historically exclusive industry into an inclusive and environmentally sustainable one.

Mission statement 

To charge the world to live more adventurous and sustainable lives by outfitting all with products that inspire and create positive environmental impact.