The Better Fly Box Subscription

The Better Fly Box Subscription

So, you’ve seen our boxes and aren’t quite sure what the deal is. What is “regionally specific”? “Professionally curated”? And why on earth is there a pair of binoculars on a website that is selling fishing gear?

I. Am. So. Glad. You. Asked.

Our fly boxes were an unintentional product of COVID-19. In March of 2020, my then fiancé, Sara and I realized were going to have to replan and reschedule all of our wedding as the world went into lockdown. We were no different than anyone else in that we were furious that our plans were ruined due to no fault of our own, but these plans just so happened to be the most important day of our lives. With social distancing guidelines coming down and businesses closing, there was no chance we were going to have the wedding we planned. So then, after all the calls, meetings, emails, and heartbreak of rescheduling the wedding, I received a call one day that just pushed me over the edge. The lodging service I was using for my bachelor party, which was supposed to be a fly-fishing trip in north Georgia, informed me that their county no longer allowed non-essential visitors within their borders. At that point, I wasn’t trying to be strong for my fiancée anymore, so it hit differently. I was fired up! So much was being robbed from our wedding that this one sent me into research mode. I was going to find places to fish, on my own, and I was going to do it in cool, beautiful places.

That was when the problem came in. I had never fished any of these places. And in all honesty, I hadn’t picked up a rod in years because of changing jobs, states, and just life changes. So, I had no idea what I needed in my fly box when I showed up to these places. I had to research the hatch for the areas if I was going to figure out what patterns, sizes or colors I needed to be successful on the water. It was hard! And I thought to myself, “I’m an avid outdoorsman and have fished all of my life so if I’m struggling to figure this out, what would someone who is a newcomer to fly fishing do?” Let me tell you, just Googling “best flies for North Carolina” will leave you with more questions than answers. That’s when we decided to make a professionally-curated trout fly box that is regionally specific, and we will also make it a seasonal subscription so you can always have what fish are eating on your waters in the season you’re fishing.

So, what is “regionally specific”? On our site (hey! You’re already here if you’re reading this) you’ll see various regions of the United States. Each of those regions has a guide(s) that live, work, and fish in that area for a living. These guides are the ones who advise us what works best in their area. We then take that information and curate a fly box for you to purchase on our website so if you’re new to fly fishing and unsure of what flies you need, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re not new to fly fishing. That’s fine, too, because we are getting quality flies at a great value so we will always keep your fly box full and your selection in rotation. Or let’s say you have a trip out west planned this summer and aren’t sure what to bring. We’ve got you covered there, too! No need to subscribe, just buy one box to take with you on your trip so you know you have exactly what professionals use that fish that area every day. 

We have partnered with guides all across the country who tell us what works best in their area and let me tell you, we are working with some AWESOME guides who have tons of experience. These guys and gals have been incredibly supportive, and really believe in our products so you know you can believe and trust in them, too. Our goal is to help them succeed as well, so if you’re planning a trip soon to a river where you haven’t been, it is always recommended that you book a day with a guide to learn the area. So give us a shout and we can point you towards some great ones.

At Scout Outfitters, we are always looking for ways to help people enjoy the outdoors. We feel that outdoorsmen and -women are a team, and the more people we have on our team, the more successful we can be at protecting the places we enjoy. We want to always be looking and scouting (hence our name and binoculars logo) for better ways of doing things and helping others. Thanks for coming here and we look forward to helping you, too.


*Picture provided by Southern Appalachian Anglers

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